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Pyroelectric infrared sensor module zrd-03

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Pyroelectric infrared sensor module zrd-03


Pyroelectric infrared sensor module zrd-03

Performance features: low power consumption, wide voltage range 5-12v DC, repeatable / non repeatable trigger mode selection


[application fields]: human body induction toys, human body induction lamps, industrial automation control, etc


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The human body infrared sensing module zrd-03 adopts high-performance pyroelectric infrared sensor, Fresnel lens, pyroelectric chip and high-performance voltage stabilizing circuit. It has the characteristics of low static power consumption, wide working voltage and high sensitivity. There are repeatable trigger and non repeatable trigger selection terminals, which can be set according to the actual needs, so it is convenient to use.



sensor features


1. Using PIR pyroelectric sensor and Fresnel lens


2. Low power consumption, quiescent current less than 50 a


3. Wide voltage range 5-12v DC


4. Repeatable / non repeatable trigger mode selection


5. Easy to use, DC high and low level output


6. The sensing distance is more than 5 meters


7. Induction angle 110 degree



main applications


1. Security products


2. Human body induction toys


3. Human body induction lamp


4. Industrial automation control, etc

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