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Smart insoles

Smart insoles

Function: motion assessment analysis, gait analysis

Motion assessment analysis: such as step frequency, pace, landing/landing angle, toe/heel landing, landing/landing time, etc.

Gait analysis: Patients use test equipment at home without having to go to the hospital frequently; doctors remotely track the patient's use of the device and assess the effect.

Applicable people: professional athletes, running enthusiasts, diabetic foot, stroke patients, need to learn to walk again

Sensor point: 3/4/6/8/16/99 optional (supports any number of points)

Pressure range: 1-10kg/cm2

Temperature range: Normal temperature / 120 degrees optional

Sensor interface: PFC cable / solderable male terminal / female terminal / solderable pad

Communication interface: serial port

Transmission method: BLE/ 2.4G wireless / WifiSupply 

Voltage: DC3.3-5V

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