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Wiper force distribution measurement system

Wiper force distribution measurement system

Wiper can measure the force distribution of the wiper blade on the glass under various environmental conditions. This system can be used to research and develop wiper, blade and other products, so that the wiper can achieve better results. Wiper system includes USB data acquisition device, operation software, balance / correction device (model ා pb5d) and Tekscan's patented thin (0.004 in / 0.1mm) bendable sensor, which can measure the dynamic pressure distribution graph between driving, and the measurement result depends on different conditions such as driving speed, wind speed and wiper swing position. It is not easy to design a wiper that can clean the glass effectively. There are many limitations, such as different length, hardness, uneven pressure, curvature of glass bending, complex mechanical driving structure, and various wind pressure conditions, which cause many challenging problems in material selection and dynamic design. Wiper system can measure the whole rain The pressure distribution of the brush provides you with an important insight into how to improve your design and overcome these complex problems.


Detailed introduction





Wiper design this system is designed for this application


Key features


Dynamic recording and rewind observation

Ability of drawing and analysis

Real time observation

Flexible film sensor

Along the length direction, the sensing piece contains nearly 100 independent sensing points

The sensing piece is durable and reusable

Simple USB connection


High sensitivity

System optimization application

Professional engineer team support


Applicable units


R & D lab, design & test department



Applicable industries


Wiper & automobile industry



Software features


Dynamic power data capture

Wiper blade angle display

Real time 2-D and 3-D pressure image recording and observation

Support video rewind operation (video recording)

Grid by grid display of observation data

ASCII file output

Measurement image display supports cell or multi grid animation playback

Independent analysis of specific scope

Simultaneous observation and comparison of multiple weight measurement results

And more


Introduction of sensing film


Model of sensing piece


Nine thousand nine hundred and one


Nine thousand nine hundred and twenty


Sensing points




One hundred and twenty-eight


spatial resolution


4.0sensels/linear in

(1.57sensels/linear cm)


4.0 sensels/linear in

(1.57 sensels/linear cm)


Sensing area


24 in x 0.4 in

(610 mm x 11 mm)


32 in x 0.81 in

(813 mm x 20.5 mm)








Use force control device to carry out field measurement and correction


Sampling frequency


8 Hz


Pressure range


0-10 PSI




0.004 in (0.1mm)



Optional add ons

Wireless Capabil

Wireless operation module can provide a wireless connection device for your sensor and computer, so that you can be more flexible in the operation of data acquisition.



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Wiper force distribution measurement system

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