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Tirescan tire pressure distribution measurement system

Tirescan tire pressure distribution measurement system

Tirescan is the industry leader in tire tread pressure measurement. We use electronic methods to measure the tread pressure distribution patterns of buses, trucks, SUVs, agricultural vehicles and even aircraft tires.


Detailed introduction

This system is not only easy to set up, the whole system only includes tirescan operation software, sensing piece (PAD) and data acquisition device, but also very easy to operate. You only need to drive the wheel to the sensing pad to measure. The real-time measurement of tire tread pressure can not only store, but also analyze data in a variety of special curves, graphs and even output ASCII format. Up to now, tirescan has not only been conducting product design evaluation for many tire and suspension system manufacturers, but also measuring and correcting for many tire related measurement systems. Therefore, with tirescan, we will be able to bring you higher quality measurement and control tubes, and enhance the competitiveness of our products. Tirescan uses our patented thin (0.004 in / 0.1 mm) high-density sensing pad as the measurement platform. This sensing pad has a high stability in size, so it has a very good repeatability in the measurement results. As long as the sensing pad is placed between the tire and the ground or other surfaces, the attached data acquisition device and operation software can quickly scan the sensing points on the sensing pad and capture the contact pressure data for analysis. Even if the wheel is turned over the surface of the sensing pad, the system can dynamically record the pressure distribution of the whole travel process.





Tread pressure pattern evaluation

Tread design

Industrial quality assurance

Competitive benchmarking analysis

Vehicle suspension analysis


Key features


pressure distribution

Dynamic recording and rewind observation

Fast, accurate and repeatable measurement

Ability of drawing and analysis

Real time observation

Flexible film sensor

The sensing piece is durable and reusable

High spatial resolution

Pressure range 0-300 PSI

Sampling frequency up to 831000 sensors / sec

8-bit pressure resolution


System optimization application

Professional engineer team support


Applicable units


Research & Development Laboratory, quality assurance, testing department, manufacturer


Applicable industries


Tire manufacturing, automobile, wheel & suspension manufacturing, transportation control agency


Software features


Capture dynamic force, pressure and contact area data

Video recording data

Support image rewind and observe pressure data

Real time recording and display of 2-D and 3-D measurement data

Be able to draw pressure, force and area data curves at different times and positions

Lsicsi file output

Specific scope can be analyzed separately

Simultaneous observation and comparison of multiple weight measurement results

And more


Introduction of sensing film


Model of sensing piece


Tyre type


Sensing points


Spatial density



spatial resolution


Sensing area


Eight thousand and fifty


Bus & Truck


Thirty-three thousand seven hundred and ninety-two





0.06 x 0.06 in

(1.5 x 1.5 mm)


11.6 x 10.6 in

(294 x 270 mm)




Large trucks


Thirty-three thousand seven hundred and ninety-two





0.120 x 0.120 in

(3.0 x 3.0 mm)


24.4 x 22 in

(618 x 558 mm)






Thirty-three thousand four hundred and eight





0.2 x 0.2 in

(5.0 x 5.0 mm)


39.6 x 36 in

(1004 x 914 mm)




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Tirescan tire pressure distribution measurement system


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