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Single point and multi-point pressure sensors:
Single point and multi-point pressure sensors:
Moxa bite paper:
For years, tooth bite analysis has had some uncertainty about dentists. Dentists use tools such as paper, wax, and pressure indicators to assess and balance the bite strength of the teeth, most of them are not sensitive enough to measure the time and strength of the teeth. Ai Group developed the first fully independent intellectual property rights of the tooth bite force analyzer, can solve this problem.
The chewing gum paper is designed to help medical staff quickly and accurately detect the dental health of the subject, and the data recording function provided by the software is also possible to reproduce past bite conditions. The moxa bite paper fills the gap of the field of tooth bite force monitoring in our country, and has made important contribution to the development of dentistry in china.
The moxa bite paper and its related testing system are the high tech real-time measuring system of tooth bite force distribution. The system consists of moxa bite paper and application software. The occlusal paper is made of ultra flexible material, and the 0.1mm ultra-thin thickness can reflect the bite condition of the teeth more realistically. A friendly user interface can help doctors make decisions more quickly and quickly about their condition.
In Europe, in the town level of medical institutions and provide medical services of professional dental clinics, must be equipped with the corresponding teeth bite force monitoring equipment, auxiliary treatment for dental practitioners to test the bite force data, the detection data in patients with medical records for future reference. The moxa bite paper is a home-made similar testing equipment. The American Dental Association (ADA) clearly pointed out that the bite force and occlusion time in monitoring teeth, AI is the only animal bite paper is effective and feasible scheme, this scheme is only an American company can provide similar equipment and instruments. In the proposed ADA dentures, dental health check and balance the standard of bite force, AI dynamic occluding paper as the first recommended products, similar products in the United States rate has exceeded 80%, all state dental clinics have corresponding equipment.
Application advantages:
- effective pressure and time data; improve the accuracy of diagnostic results
- provide the doctor with the right data support and no longer overly dependent on the patient's feelings
- - help diagnose complications such as premature contact and minimize disruptive contact
- excellent patient education tools; patients can visually understand their bite situation
- help patients understand the need for treatment
Occluding paper index:
- ultra-thin flexible material, suitable for flat surface
- highest resolution 0.92mm * 0.92mm
- up to more than 2200 sensor units
-- real-time display, recording and playback of pressure distribution
-- 2D and 3D show the pressure distribution
- the Graph image shows the percentage curve of the left and right sides of the teeth during the occlusion process
- in line with the Ministry of health's 12th Five-Year information standard PACS format
- Support Networking upgrades and keep the software up to date
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